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File Complaint Against “HP Petrol Pump” with Government of India (Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas)

On this page we will learn how you can file a complaint against HP Petrol Pump with Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India.

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First Lodge Grievance with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

For lodging a complaint against any retail outlet of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, follow these steps:

Go to (Complaint Management System of HPCL) and click on Petrol Pump Complaints.

You will now be redirected to a new page. On this page you are required to enter/select following details:

  • Grievance as interaction type
  • YES for “Do you wish to provide feedback against retail outlet”.
  • Your Name.
  • Your state and district.
  • Name of HP Retail Outlet against which you’d like to lodge a complaint.
  • Your personal contact details like House/Building number, Street/Locality, Pincode, Email, Landline and Mobile number.

You can file your complaint under following categories:

  • Housekeeping Related: Poor Illumination at night or poor housekeeping at the petrol pump.
  • Loyalty programme related: Credit/Debit Card machine not working, Credit/Debit Card not accepted, No assistance provided for Loyalty/ Smart Fleet Card, Loyalty card machine not working, Loyalty card machine not accepted, Loyalty card not working and Loyalty card reward not redeemed.
  • Overcharging: Over charging on petrol, diesel, lubricant, Branded Fuel- Power, Branded Fuel- Turbo Jet, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and Auto-LPG.
  • Quality and Quantity (Q and Q): 5 liter measure not available, Filter paper not available, Suspected adulteration in Petrol/Diesel/Lubricant, Short Delivery of Petrol/Diesel/CNG, Branded petrol related technical details, Water and sludge contamination in the product, Suspected adulteration in Branded Fuel- Power and Suspected adulteration in Branded Fuel- Turbo Jet.
  • Non availability of product: Branded fuel/Petrol/Diesel/CNG/Lubes not available.
  • Service related: Non availability of Auto LPG, Promo Scheme/ Campaign related, Water facility not available, Cash withdrawal at petrol pumps, Complaint book not provided/ not available, Wrong/ Incorrect bill provided and Wrong fueling (Petrol/ Diesel).
  • Service related – Free Air Facility: Air attendants not available, Air facility being charged, Air facility not available and Air Refused/ Machine not working.
  • Service related – Debit/Credit card, Mobile Wallet etc.: Digital payment discount of 0.75 percent.
  • Service related – Petrol/Diesel Filling and Billing: Bill not provided, Zero not shown before delivery, Final meter reading not shown after delivery and SMS alerts on fueling.
  • Service related – Forced Sale of Branded Products: Forced sale of Branded Fuel (Petrol – Power and Diesel – Turbo jet) and Forced sale of lubricants, accessories and other products.
  • Service related – Outlet Staff Related: No responsible person available at petrol pumps, Staff not fully trained to attend customers, Product refusal, Undesirable behavior of delivery salesman and Waiting time is very high.
  • Swachh Bharat- Toilet at Petrol Pump: Toilet Facility found not clean, Toilet facility not available/ Toilet locked, Toilet lightening inadequate, Toilet latch defective and Toilet signage not displayed.
  • Daily Price Issues: Complaint related to Daily Price issues.
  • Miscellaneous: Contact details of petrol pumps/ Dealer, Fuels not provided in Bottles/ Containers, Mobile app not working, Telephone is not working, Rate List not displayed and Driveway not smooth.

Type your complaint in the large text box provided and upload any attachments (PDF, receipt, photos etc.) which you think are required to be sent with your complaint.

Click on the Submit button and you will get your unique complaint registration number via SMS/Email. Give Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited some days to act/give you proper resolution on your submitted grievance.

Lodge complaint with Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

In case you are not satisfied by the resolution/response provided to you by HPCL, then you can file your complaint with Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas using

On the official website of Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS), you need to register yourself by entering following details:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Country
  • State
  • District
  • Pin Code
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number – One time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number for mobile number verification.
  • Email address – One time Password (OTP) will be sent to your Email for Email ID verification.
  • Whether you were an Ex Servicemen?

Once you have successfully registered in the portal and have verified your mobile/email ID, login to your account using Mobile No/Email Id/Username and password.

Once you are successfully logged in, you will be able to see following interface:

lodge grievance

On this page, click on Public Grievance and then check the box in front of “I agree that my grievance does not fall in any of the above listed categories”. Keep in mind that if your grievance falls under any of the following listed categories, then your grievance will be closed/rejected after some days:

  • RTI Matters.
  • Court related / Sub Judice matters.
  • Religious matters.
  • Grievance against foreign Government.
  • Only grievance may be registered and not suggestions.
  • Grievances of Government employees concerning their service matters including disciplinary proceedings etc. unless the aggrieved employee has already exhausted the prescribed channels keeping in view the DoPT OM No. 11013/08/2013-Estt.(A-III) dated 31.08.2015.

On the next page you should find following details pre-filled:


  • Name.
  • Gender.
  • Country.
  • State.
  • District.
  • Address.
  • Pin code.
  • Email ID.
  • Mobile/Phone number.
  • Whether you are/were an ex-serviceman.

If you want to edit any of the above mentioned prefilled details then you can do so by clicking/selecting that particular field/text box.

Now select “Central government” under “Concerned authority of grievance”. Using the drop down menu of Ministry/Department, select Petroleum and Natural Gas (Ministry).

Now in the Grievance description text box, type your full complaint in details. Keep in mind that only Alphabet A-Z, a-z, number 0-9 and special characters , . – _ ( ) / : & @ are allowed in grievance description.

In case you have got any other reference number for any past complaint that you registered with the ministry on same issue, then you need to enter that reference number in the text box provided along with its reference date. Also using the CHOOSE FILE button you can add an attachment (Only PDF file upto 4MB) with your grievance.

Now click on SUBMIT button and you will be provided with a unique registration number for your grievance. You can check the status of your grievance in your account’s dashboard: