How to Get Personal Loan on ICICI Bank Credit Card?

In this video we will learn how you can apply for Personal Loan if you have an ICICI Bank Credit Card?

Some things that you should know about this feature:

  1. Personal Loan on Credit Card facility is available for selected customers of ICICI Bank Only based on their previous track record with the bank.
  2. You can get a personal loan up to 10 Lakhs Indian Rupees on your Credit Card.
  3. You can repay your loan by opting for a tenure which can be up to 60 months.
  4. ICICI Bank will charge you with interest rate based on your loan amount and selected tenure, so make sure that you carefully check the interest rate percentage when you apply for personal loan on credit card.
  5. While writing this page, there is no need of a guarantor or Post-Dated Cheques.
  6. You will get your personal loan from the bank with least possible documents.
  7. If your loan is approved then it will be transferred to your ICICI Bank’s Savings account. In case you don’t have a savings bank account, then the loan amount will be transferred to some other bank of yours using NEFT or you can also request for a demand draft. However keep in mind that if you opt for NEFT facility for loan amount transfer, then you need to send scanned copy of cancelled cheque/ Bank Statement mentioning the IFSC code of the bank where you’d like to get the loan amount credited.
  8. The EMI for your personal loan is generally EXCLUSIVE of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Check details on the official website of ICICI Bank.