How to File Consumer Forum Complaint Against REAL ESTATE BUILDER?

In this video we will learn how you can file a complaint against a builder/real estate company/developer with Consumer Forum?

Before approaching consumer forum, make sure that you have issued a formal notice to the construction company/builder. If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided by the builder/company, then you can move to consumer forum.

If you are facing any of the following issue with the builder then you can approach consumer forum with your grievance:

  1. Builder gave you false assurances about providing certain amenities (like power backup, lift, security camera, 24 hours water supply etc.), but when you got the possession, you found that many amenities are missing.
  2. You are not getting possession of your flat/duplex/plot even after making full payment to the builder/construction company OR the Construction is not completed within the promised duration.
  3. Builder has sold you an illegal/disputed property which don’t have a clear title.
  4. Your property has wrong measurements or the builder has used sub-standard material in your property.
  5. Builder suddenly started asking for more money than what was first agreed upon. Builder also threatening that he/she will abandon the construction if you don’t pay him/her more money.
  6. Builder is not giving you your promised flat/plot/duplex/property and forcing you to take an alternate one.

Before buying a property from any realtor:

  1. The concerned realtor has obtained “commercial land use certificate” or permission letter from government authority for his/her project. Carefully check ownership documents of the Property and Certificate of non encumbrance (NEC) i.e. the property is free from any legal disputes and all its dues like municipal taxes, electricity, water and sewage etc. are clear. For verification purpose you may need to approach developing authority/Municipal Corporation or Tehsildar/Sub Registrar office and may want to get a certified copy of important documents.
  2. Ask about target completion date/month for the project. When the buyer will get the possession of the property? What are the penalties if the project is not completed within the stipulated time?
  3. Do survey about market rate and then negotiate with the project developer.
  4. Enquire the developer about various provisions of the property like sewage, water, roads, Electricity, public utilities, garden etc. Also enquire that whether the buyer have to pay any additional charges for any of these provisions?
  5. Carefully inspect carpet area, built-up area and super built up area, term of payment, study complete technical specifications of the design and construction material used. Whether the project is earthquake resistant?
  6. If someone is trying to sell/transfer you a property by means of Power of Attorney, then make sure that you verify whether the attorney holder has appropriate authority to sell the property or not.
  7. Carefully study the site plan taking into account the neighbouring land/property. Make sure the property is free from civil/criminal disputes and is not mortgaged/hypothecated with a bank.
  8. Try to find out whether the property is free from any type of encroachment, is rented or partly sold out.
  9. Make sure that the payment mode is either cheque or demand draft, and the realtor is providing you proper receipts, deed of sale, sale agreement etc.
  10. Always remember that “No sale is complete without signatures of both the parties”, so make sure that you carefully read and understand the sale agreement and then only sign it. Also try to ensure that the signature/fingerprint on all documents are made by the vendor himself/herself.

If you’d like to move to Consumer Forum without any requirement of a lawyer, then you can check out this video:

In case of any doubt/issue, you can always contact National Consumer Helpline: