Insert Meta Name Description in Simple Machines Forum

The default installation of SMF doesn’t have Meta Tags associated with any board, thread or topic. In this post, we will learn how to insert Meta Name Description.

For this, you need to install a MOD known as Optimus Brave, which is capable of doing following things:

  • Manages meta tag and title of your forum’s Homepage, Board Pages, Topics and Threads. Keep in mind, the content present in your Meta Name Description may be taken into account by search engines, only if it matches a search query.
  • Can set “Description of various boards” as their Meta Description.
  • Can set the starting sentence of first post of ANY topic or thread as its Meta Description.
  • Can return 403 or 404 HTTP status.
  • Can add verification meta tags of Google, Bing, Yandex and Alexa.
  • Can log all incoming search terms.

How to Set up Optimus Brave?

After installing the mod, head over to Admin >> Configuration >> Search Engine Optimization. Here you can set following things under Common Settings:

meta name description smf

1. Homepage Title and its Meta Description.

2. Title for Board Pages. You can set it as {board_name}  – page {#} –  {forum_name}

3. Title for Topic Pages. You can set it as {topic_name} – page {#} –  {forum_name}

4. Check or Uncheck rest of the options as per your requirements.

* {board_name} – Name of Board, {topic_name} – Thread’s Subject or Title, {#} – Current Page Number, {cat_name} – Name of Category, {forum_name} – Name of your Forum.

Once everything is set, click on Save Button present at the bottom. You will now see appropriate meta description has been added everywhere in your forum! In case you are experiencing any difficulty with the mod, you post your query here

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Your article assumes we know how to set up the mod. Don’t suppose we can do a step by step walk through?

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