Privacy: How to Stop Facebook from Tracking your Web Activities?

We highly recommend that you remove Facebook from your Mobile device and only use it on your computer with this add-on enabled:

Do you know Facebook is always tracking/stalking you, whether you are using it on your mobile or on your computer? If you don’t believe us, then just visit this page: , browse through all the available links/options and you will be able to see how much data Facebook has about you!

What is off-Facebook activity?

Off-Facebook activity includes information that businesses and organizations share with Facebook about your interactions with all of them. Interactions are things such as visiting their website or logging in to their app with your Facebook account.

How did Facebook receive your activity?

When you visit a website or use an application on your mobile or tablet device, these businesses or organizations share information about your activity with Facebook by using Facebook’s business tools that are available with them. Facebook then use this information to show you relevant ads on Facebook.

How to manage your Off Facebook Activity?

If you’d like to see a summary of all the apps and websites that are connected to your Facebook account, then just visit this page:

Keep in mind that some of your activity does not appear EVEN on this page! This is due to one of the following reasons:

1. The activity list does not contain your most recent activity. It may take a few days for your activity to be shown on the above mentioned page. The dates that appear in the list indicate when Facebook has received/recorded the activity.

2. Facebook always receive MORE DETAILS and activity than what appears on the above mentioned page. Facebook says that for technical and accuracy reasons, your activity list doesn’t show you all the activities that it has received. Activities that are not shown includes information that Facebook has received when you’re not logged in to Facebook, or when Facebook can’t confirm that you’ve previously used Facebook on a particular device. Your activity also includes details about the items that you have added to your shopping cart.

3. In some cases, Facebook may even disconnect your off-Facebook activity from your account for technical reasons. Facebook says that when this happens, that particular activity that has been disconnected will not be used to show you advertisements.

4. Facebook also mentions that they may continue to store your activity for security reasons under rare circumstances.

You are also provided with an option to clear your history. When you do so one of the following things may happen:

1. Your activity history will be disconnected from your account, but Facebook will continue to receive your activity from the businesses and organizations that you visit in the future.

2. Clearing your history may log you out from all third party apps and websites. If this happens, you can again use Facebook to log back into those websites and apps.

3. You’ll still see the same number of ads. Your ad preferences and actions that you take on Facebook will be used to show you relevant ads.

If you visit future activity page on Facebook using this link: , you can turn OFF “Future off-Facebook activity”, so that your browsing experience on Facebook may be less personalized and the ads that you see on Facebook may be less relevant to you.

In case you’d like to view all the activities that you’ve turned off, you can visit this page:

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