How to Backup all your YouTube Videos/Channel?

In this video and this video I talk about how you can backup your entire YouTube channel/all your YouTube videos using

Follow these steps in order to do so:

1. Head over to and then deselect all the Google products that you’d NOT like to backup. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “YouTube and YouTube Music”.

2. Following are the file formats using which Google will generate your backup:

  • Video media (all your Videos that you’ve uploaded): Either your originally uploaded video file format, or a high-quality transcode.
  • Video metadata (Information about your videos, like titles and descriptions): JSON (A machine-readable format).
  • History (Your watch and search history): HTML or JSON format (Keep in mind that you will get Separate HTML files for your watch and search history)
  • Subscriptions: JSON.
  • Playlists: JSON.
  • Comments: HTML.
  • Live chats: HTML.
  • Community posts: HTML.
  • Community posts attachments (Images included with community posts): Original File Format that you have uploaded.
  • Stories that you’ve created for your Channel: HTML
  • Community contributions (Translations and transcriptions that you’ve contributed for videos on other channels): HTML
  • Music library songs (A list of all the songs that you have added to your YouTube Music library): CSV
  • Music uploads: Your originally uploaded audio file.

As per your backup requirements, click on “All YouTube Data included” and then select what you’d like to backup from following options:

  • channel-memberships
  • history
  • kids
  • music-library-songs
  • music-uploads
  • my-comments
  • my-community-contributions
  • my-live-chat-messages
  • my-posts
  • playlists
  • stories
  • subscriptions
  • videos

3. On the next page, you need to select the delivery method of your backup. It can be either one of the following:

  • Send download link via email – When your files are ready, you’ll get an email from Google with download link(s) to your backup files. You’ll have one week to download all your files. After 7 days, all your generated backup files will be automatically deleted by Google.
  • Add to Google Drive
  • Add to Dropbox
  • Add to Box
  • Add to OneDrive

If you select any of the above mentioned cloud storage service, then keep following things in your mind:

  • When your backup is ready, Google will upload all your files to the cloud storage and then send you an email with a link to their location.
  • Dropbox/Box/OneDrive are different third party companies/cloud storage providers other than Google’s own Drive.
  • Make sure sufficient space is available in your cloud storage account for saving your backup files. In case the size of your backup files exceeds your available cloud storage space, then backup will fail.

4. Select the frequency of your backup/export: Either it can be a single export or 6 Exports (one export every 2 months for the next 1 year).

5. Select the file format of your backup files or part files. It can be either .zip or .tgz.

6. If you’d like to split your backup file, then select the size of your part files from 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 10 GB or 50 GB (Exports that are larger than your selected file size will be split into multiple files)

7. Click on Create Export button to start creating backup of your YouTube channel/videos. Depending on the size of content available in your account, the backup process may take some hours/days to complete. So have patience.