Manage & Reduce iCloud’s Data Backup Size

iCloud, a popular cloud storage and computing service from Apple, acts as a syncing center for all your contacts, Emails, calendar, reminders, notes and application data (Pages, Numbers, Keynote etc.) present in your iOS Device viz. iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


A free iCloud account has a storage limit of 5 GB and by default, iCloud automatically synchronizes all your device’s data to its cloud servers, which often results in syncing of data that you do not want to backup! As a result, your backup size increases and your online storage space decreases!

How to reduce iCloud’s Data Backup Size?

1. Go to Settings and select iCloud. Here you will see many categories like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders etc.:

reduce icloud backup size

If you don’t want to backup data of any of the above shown categories, simply turn them OFF by tapping or sliding the ON/OFF slider.

2. Now, select Storage & Backup:

storage backup

Here you will see following details:

storage and backup

Under Storage:

  • Total Storage: Total amount of storage space (in GB) available for your account. Every iOS device owner gets a free iCloud account with 5 GB of storage space, but you can always buy more storage space as per your requirements.
  • Available Storage space: Storage space (in GB or MB) left in your Account.
  • Manage Storage: Here you can get information about your Latest Backup (Date of last successful Backup), Last Backup Size and Backup preferences.

Under Backup:

  • iCloud Backup: If it’s ON, then your device data will automatically back up to iCloud servers, whenever it is Plugged in or Locked and is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

3. For reducing the backup size, select Manage Storage:

manage storage

4. On the next screen, select your Profile (Device Name). Here you can also see the current backup size (which will be uploaded to iCloud servers) written in front of your Profile Name:

ios device name

On the next screen, under Backup Options, you will see a list of all those applications whose data is currently set for backup:

manage storage

5. Tap on Show All Apps:

manage storage show all apps

Once an entire list of application is populated, you can now select which app’s data you don’t want to include in the backup. To do this, change their status to OFF using the slider.

For Example, I do not want to backup my Camera Roll and iBooks data, so I simply turn them OFF:

manage storage turn off