Backup your Website to Dropbox using FTP or SFTP

Do you know that you can create an offsite backup of your Website or WordPress Blog to Dropbox either by using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)? Let’s check out in this post how to do so?

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How to Backup Website to Dropbox using FTP or SFTP?

1. Head over to and directly Log in there using your Email Address and a PasswordThe site requires NO registration!

2. Once you are Logged in, you will be getting following Transfer Interface in your browser:

mover interface

3. Now log in to your cPanel Account and Click Backup Wizard under Files Category:

cpanel backup wizard

4. On the very next page, Click on Backup Button:

cpanel backup

5. Here you need to create a Full Backup of your cPanel Account. For this click on Full Backup Button:

cpanel full backup

The final page will ask you Where you want to store the generated Backup file? (Backup Destination) and your Email Address. Here select Home Directory from the Drop Down Menu and Enter your Email Address (if it’s not present already):

cpanel generate backup

Click on Generate Backup Button and cPanel will start backing up your whole account. You will get a Confirmation Email once the backup is complete. The backup file will be in .tar.gz format and will be present in your Home Directory.

5. (Important) You need to MOVE this Backup File to some other directory (say BACKUP) in /public_html/ folder and change its permission (CHMOD) to 755:

move file and change permission

We are now ready to move the backup file to Dropbox!

6. On the Left Hand Side of Mover’s Transfer Interface, select your preferred Transfer Protocol which can be either FTP or SFTP. Whatever you select, you are required to enter following details in order to authorize Mover with your Web Hosting Server:

mover ftp and sftp

  • Server Name
  • Type of FTP connection viz. Plain FTP, Explicit FTP over TLS or Implicit FTP over TLS.
  • Port Number
  • Username
  • Password or Private Key

Note: In case you don’t know the Name and Port Number of your server, open a support ticket with your Web Host.

Once you have entered the Credentials precisely, click on Add this connector Button and the interface will load a full list of directories currently present in your cPanel Account:

sftp files

7. Now browse through directories and when you reach the newly created BACKUP Folder, select following options from the center of Mover’s interface:

mover schedule

  • Archive (ZIP Files before Transfer) – The service will ZIP everything and will also add a time stamp to your archive. The name of your archive will look something like
  • Incremental (Only move files that change between scheduled transfers) – If this option is checked then the service will only move those files which are new or have changed since the last transfer.
  • Use Scheduler – Select from Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

8. Now, on the Right Hand Side of transfer interface, select Dropbox and Authorize the service with your Dropbox Account (Log in required):

authorize mover with dropbox

The interface will now load directories present in your Dropbox account. Browse through directories and select the directory in which you want to save your website’s .tar.gz backup file.

9. As soon as you have performed all the above mentioned steps >> click on Transfer Now Button and Review your settings. If everything is correct, your backup file will magically appear in your Dropbox Account after few hours!

Important Notes:

  • Using Mover, you can also transfer files back to your cPanel account either by using FTP or SFTP. The service acts as a middleman between various popular web technologies, that don’t play nice together. The service takes your files from one place and transfers or converts them to another.
  • The connection between your Browser and Mover is fully encrypted by means of SSL Certificate, so there’s NO need to worry. You can always check their Privacy page and Knowledge Base for more information.
  • The service will first transfer content from your server to their own server and then it will transfer the content to Dropbox. Once the transfer has been completed, your files will be instantly deleted from Mover’s server.
  • There’s no FTP file size limitation with Mover. But, some FTP servers might impose their own limits, which may therefore cause a transfer to fail.
  • There’s zero file size limit to or from Dropbox.
  • Transfer time to Dropbox will depend on various factors like total number of Files, Size of File(s) you are transferring and any special request to Mover like ZIPPING everything before the transfer. For example, transferring 2 GB of data, which contains around 4200 directories and 5500 files from an FTP server will take around 30 minutes for Mover to index, and then take another 1 hour for transfer to Dropbox.
  • Using this service, you can transfer any type of file from your hosting account to Dropbox. For illustration purpose, we have used cPanel Backup (.tar.gz) file.
  • You can deauthorize your connected accounts anytime. For this, just visit your account’s setting page.
  • The service also supports transfer to and from, SugarSync, Google Drive, Box, GitHub, MySQL, Mango DB, Flickr and Amazon S3.

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Thanks for the tutorial, but it should be noted, that it has become outdated. only allows FTP connectors for busines plan users. So you have to pay at least $4 per month.
And for that money you can rent some webspace somewhere.
Thanks anyway for taking the time to write this! May there is another provider like mover?
I’ll post if I find one!

It used to work this way not anymore… I paid 10$ worth of transfer (10GB back then), probably used one or 2 dollars of it, after 6 months i log in back to set up a new backup, everything is gone, i can t do anymore back up and my 10 dollars are gone… Contacted support no answer yet… They could at least have emailed their users of the changes…

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