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How to Find Train Number in Indian Railways?

From 20 December 2010 onward, each and every train in Indian railways will NOW have a unique 5 digit number. If you know the old number, then you can very easily determine the new allotted number of any particular train. Moreover, both the numbers are almost identical, so it’s quite easy to remember the new one.

How to Check NEW Train Number?

Follow this LINK (official enquiry page by and enter the OLD Number in the field provided. Now, click on Get NEW Train Number button and the next page will show you the new number:

new train number

Example: The OLD Number for Bhopal Express was 2155 (Down) and now the NEW number for it is 12155 (Down):

get new train number

I don’t know the train number! How to find it?

In case you DON’T know the Number at all, then you can make use of Train Schedule OR Train Availability between 2 Station pages.

On train schedule page, just enter the name of train, Click on Get Schedule Button and the immediate next page will show you a list of all trains and their respective numbers matching your search input string. For example. entering only Bhopal and Sampark in the search field yields following results:

check train schedule

On the search results page, if you select any train and click on the Get schedule Button, you will be able to see following details:

sampark kranti train route

  • Exact Number and Name of a train.
  • Starting station.
  • Days on which the train runs.
  • Name and Code for each station where the train halts, along with Halt Time in minutes.
  • Route Number.
  • Arrival and Departure Time.
  • Distance of each station from the source in kilometers.

On the train availability between stations page, enter following details to get a complete list of trains and their respective numbers:

train availability between stations

  • Name or code of station.
  • Preferred travelling compartment, which can be 1 AC, 2 AC, 3 AC, 3 AC Economy, AC Chair Car, First Class, Sleeper Class and Second seating.
  • Date of journey.
  • Preferred departure and arrival time at the source and destination stations.
  • Type of train, which can be Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Super fast, mail or express, passenger or ordinary, Rail motor, Darjeeling Himalayan, Garibrath, Overseas, Yuva and composite trains.
  • One way trip or return journey.