AirTel Smartbytes: Buy Additional Bandwidth & Check Usage

Smartbytes service from AirTel not only allows you to check your broadband’s usage details, but also allows you to purchase high speed data transfer packs for your connection.

How to check Usage Details?

To check usage details, simply visit Smartbytes page using your AirTel broadband connection. Here you will be able to see following details:

airtel smartbytes

  • DSL Number: Your subscriber ID.
  • High Speed Data Limit: Download Limit (also known as Fair Usage Policy) for your current plan.
  • Gigabytes left in your Account (Balance Quota): Amount of data that can be transferred at Maximum Speed. For example, the maximum speed for a 2 Mbps plan will be around 240 Kbps, until download limit has been reached. Once you hit the limit, your speed will be reduced as per your plan’s Fair Usage Policy.
  • Number of Days left in the current Bill Cycle

How to buy high speed data transfer packs?

1. Using (For Broadband and 4G LTE Users Only): Log in to your account using your registered Mobile Number and password. Once you are logged in, a new window will pop-up which shows your current usage details (amount of High Speed Data used and left in Gigabytes):

airtel bandwidth

If you want to purchase more bandwidth for your connection, then select your preferred Smartbytes pack and click on Submit Button. Additional Gigabytes will be instantly added to your account:

smartbytes pack

Keep in mind, the additional Window will ONLY Pop-up, when you have exceeded your allotted High Speed Data Transfer limit or are very near to its depletion.

2. Using Page: This page only works when you open it using your AirTel Internet Connection, for which you want to purchase additional bandwidth. Check out following video to see how to do the transaction?:

Smartbytes page for 3G and 4G LTE users are as follows:

Important Notes:

1. Whenever you purchase additional bandwidth, the amount will be added in your next bill. You are not required to enter any payment related information at the time of pack purchase.

2. The additional Gigabytes you purchase will be valid for your current bill cycle only and will not be carried forward.

3. When you have successfully purchased a Smartbytes pack, you will see following confirmation message in your browser:

smartbytes pack purchase

The company will also send you a confirmation Email and SMS about your purchase.

4. A subscriber can purchase a total of 8 packs in a bill cycle.

5. For more information and queries, directly contact AirTel Customer Care, not us.