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Login Securely into your cPanel Account using HTTPS

cPanel is one of the widely used control panel for Shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers. Logging in securely into it (using HTTPS) will be an added advantage, as the transfers between the server and your browser will be fully encrypted.

Note: Almost all Hosting Providers uses a Dedicated or Shared SSL Certificate on their servers, so that their customers can Log in securely into WHM, cPanel etc. In case your provider has not installed a SSL certificate for your server, request them to do so OR you may want to switch to some other provider.

Using Server IP Address

Your website is hosted on a Web Server which have an IP Address. You can make use of port number 2083 to log in securely into your account. Following is the URL you need to enter in your Browser:

https://YourSiteIPAddress:2083 E.g.

Using Server Name

You can also use your Server Name to log in securely into your account. Here’s the URL you need to enter in your Browser:

https://ServerName:2083 E.g.

Note: Your Server IP Address and Name can be found either in your cPanel account OR in the Welcome Email that you received at the time of signing up. If you are unable to find these details, then try opening a Support Ticket with your Provider.

Additional Tip:

cpanel secure login

For logging in securely using FTP clients like FileZilla, WinSCP etc., make use of Port Number 22 and use SFTP as file protocol. Keep in mind that your web host might have changed the secured port number from 22 to something else. So make sure to check your provider’s knowledgebase or ask them directly via a support ticket.