How to create a Video file using JPEG Images & a MP3?

Suppose you want to share lots of photos with someone special, then how about converting them into a video file which have an awesome MP3 track playing in the background? This can be easily done with uMusic, a very small utility that is capable of joining JPEG image(s) and a MP3 file, and then converting them into a video with .wmv as its extension.

1. Download and Install the application from here. Now, run it and you will see following user interface:


P.S. The above image is of Chotu – My super cute blind pet Rat.

2. Click on Browse button in front of Song and select the MP3 file that you want to play in the background. Now, click on Browse Button in front of Picture(s) and select either a single image or multiple images from your computer’s hard drive.

Note: If you select multiple images, then you may want to click on Preview button to see a preview slideshow.

3. Once you have selected the MP3 file, Image(s) and are satisfied with the preview, click on Create Video Button and the application will ask you the location where you want to save the output video? Give your file a name and click on Save button.

Important Notes:

1. When you click on Save Button, the encoding process will start immediately and will take some time to complete. The completion time depends on following factors:

  • Total Number & Size of Images.
  • Duration and Bit Rate of MP3 File.

2. The application will automatically set the delay time between 2 slides. This delay time depends on the duration of your audio file.

3. The encoding process may use 100% of your CPU, so it’s highly recommended that you should close all active applications.

Bonus Tip:

As we all know, we can’t upload MP3 files directly to YouTube. But with uMusic, you can add an album art to your MP3 file and click on Upload Video Button:

umusic upload video to youtube

The application will ask you following details:

  • Your YouTube! Username and Password.
  • Video details viz. Title, Description and Tags.

Enter above details precisely and click on Upload button. The video will be uploaded to your YouTube! Account.