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How to Download streaming MMS Video & Radio Show?

If you want to download streaming MMS (Microsoft Media Server) videos and audio (radio shows etc.), whose URL starts with mms://, mmst:// or http:// and ends with .asf, .wmv, .asx or .wma, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

1. Download SDP Downloader (version 2.3.0) and install the application on your computer. Once installed, run the application and you will see following user interface:

sdp multimedia

2. Now go to any website that is streaming a MMS video or audio using a player like this:

microsoft media server mms player

Right click anywhere on the player and select Properties. A new Property Window will open:

mms player properties

mms stream audio video url

3. In this window, copy the URL in front of Location to your clipboard. Now, click on Open Button in SDP, paste the copied URL and click on OK button:

mms stream url

The player will try to connect to media server and if the connection is successful, you will see URL ready to connect -> hit GO to start written:

sdp multimedia ready

4. Click on Go Button and the application will ask you where you want to save the output file. The extension of this output file can be .asf, .wmv, .asx or .wma, depending on the type of stream you are downloading.

5. When the player starts downloading, you will see following on screen details:

download mms stream

  • Status of DNS IP Address Resolution a.k.a. NSLOOKUP.
  • Receiving Status of the stream.
  • Date and Time of successful connection to the media server.
  • Server IP Address and Port Number.
  • Local Address and port number.
  • Network Performance Monitor.
  • Type of session viz. Pre-Recorded Media Session and Live Recording Session.
  • Current time and total length of media stream.
  • Download Protocol used viz. HTTP, TCP and UDP.

Once the download is complete, you will see following on screen message:

mms stream download complete

Important Notes:

1. When saving streaming audio, the application will ask you: Any location data will now be loaded into the URL playlist. It can be useful to save this file and open it again later, if you ever want to return to this session. Would you like to save this location file?

save location file

If you want to return to current session again, then select Yes, else select No.

2. Using SDP you can also batch download multiple files (playlist) at once.

3. If you are getting TTCP: socket connect failed: 10061 error, then try switching from TCP to HTTP. This can be easily done by going to Setup >> Setup options >> Protocol:

sdp protocols

4. The application’s setup options also allows you to set/select following:

  • When download is complete: Open downloaded media file; Save log.
  • Offset time: Useful when you want to seek in a very large file (stream).
  • Bypass DNS Lookup: Useful if you know the direct IP address of streaming server.
  • MMS/HTTP Proxy URL along with port number.
  • Bit rate of your stream.
  • Reset all options to their default values.

5. The property window of a streaming media also shows you following information:

  • Length and Bit rate of the stream.
  • Type of Media.
  • Resolution of Streaming Video.
  • Audio and Video Codec.

6. The application can easily download media files streaming over HTTP v1.0 protocol (MMSH), HTTP progressive, MMS, MMST and MMSU over TCP as well as UDP.

7. While writing this post, the application is unable to download media that’s streaming over RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), RealAudio and RealMedia.

One reply on “How to Download streaming MMS Video & Radio Show?”

Hi , thanks but that software does not work , just red lines come without progress.
I find out a simple way without using software but it sometimes works and I invented inside Iran. :D

for example , This address is the DW interview with the Iranian WGM Shadi Paridar :
which just get me a 300 bytes wma file without any data.
I asked myself why two parallel site names must be repeat inside one address , then I understood that one of the site is child and another is its mother feed , so I simply delete “mms://” part from that link and it become “” but it has “http://” protocol less so just I add http:// to its first.
and congratulations to my Persian Genius mind , I proud to myself I am Iranian
this link works and the size of wma file is 8.43 MB and I successfully hear the nice lovely voice of Iranian chess superstar Shadi Paridar.

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