How to Transfer Domain from BigRock to Namecheap?

I registered DailyTechTuts using as because of following main reasons:

  • They are quite popular Indian Domain Name Registrar.
  • When I registered this domain, they were selling .com domains for 99/- or 100/- INR.

But after 60 days of registration, I wanted to transfer this domain to Namecheap because:

  • I have been with them for more than 5+ years and they are always my preferred registrar.
  • There support is top notch.
  • I wanted to add one more year to my domain because of SEO reason.

Note: When you register a new domain name, it is necessary to wait for 60 days before you initiate a transfer to some other registrar.

If you want to transfer your domain name from BigRock to Namecheap, then let’s check out in this guide how to do so?

1. Log in to BigRock’s Domain Control Panel using: Once you are successfully logged in you will see following page:

bigrock manage domain

On this page, you will see that Privacy Protection (aka WHOIS Guard) and Theft Protection (aka Registrar Lock) for your domain is already enabled by default. If you want to transfer your domain name to some other registrar, then you need to disable privacy as well as theft protection.

2. For disabling WHOIS Guard, click on privacy protection and a new window will pop up which says Manage Privacy Protection. On this window select Disable and click on Update Privacy Protection Status:

bigrock whois guard

3. For disabling Registrar Lock, click on theft protection and a new window will pop up which says Manage Theft Protection. On this window select Disable and click on Update Theft Protection Status:

bigrock registrar lock

4. Once you have disabled both privacy and theft protection, go to Namecheap’s domain transfer page and enter the domain that you want to transfer:

namecheap domain transfer

Note: There’s NO need to enter HTTP:// or www here.

5. Once you have entered your domain name correctly, click on start transfer button. The next page will show you following details:

domain status before transfer

  • Whether your domain is transferable or not. If your domain is not older than 60 days or you haven’t disabled privacy/theft protection, then you will see an error message here.
  • Name of your current registrar.
  • Status of Registrar Lock. If it’s disabled, then you will see its status as OKAY.
  • Administrative email: This is the email address that is available in your domain’s WHOIS record. If WHOIS guard is enabled for your domain, then Namecheap’s system will not be able to get original administrative email address and you may see an error message or UNKNOWN written here.

If you’re satisfied with above details, click on add to cart button.

6. The immediate next shopping cart page will show you following details:

namecheap shopping cart

  • Name of domain along with its TLD, that you are going to transfer.
  • Set EPP code.
  • Quantity (the value here depends on the total number of domains that you entered on the first page of Namecheap’s domain transfer wizard).
  • Renewal Duration: When you transfer a domain to Namecheap, they will automatically add one more year to your domain. In my case, I wanted to add only one more year to my domain, but if you want to add more years, then use the drop down menu to select your preferred renewal period.
  • Total amount to be paid including ICANN fees (18 cents while writing this post).
  • Free WHOIS guard: When you register or transfer a domain using Namecheap, they give you a free WHOIS guard protection pack for one year.
  • Coupon code: If you have a coupon then enter it here. Applicable coupon discount will be instantly added to your cart, when you click on apply button.

7. Click on set EPP code and go back to BigRock’s manage domain page. Now click on Domain Secret Code and you will get your EPP code. This code contains alphanumeric characters, along with some symbols. Enter this code in Namecheap’s transfer wizard and click on continue button.

Note: It is very essential to enter the EPP code correctly, as otherwise the transfer will fail and you will have to start all over again.

8. Once you have entered the correct EPP code, click on checkout button and the next page will show you following details:

namecheap domain options

  • Domain auto renewal settings: If you want to auto renew your domain when it reaches its expiry date, then select Yes. Else, select No.
  • WHOIS guard enable: If you want to enable WHOIS Guard as soon as the domain gets transferred to Namecheap, then select Enable. Keep in mind, WHOIS guard is not applicable for certain TLDs like .us, .ca etc.
  • WHOIS guard auto renew settings: If you want to auto renew your WHOIS Guard subscription when it reaches its expiry date, then select Yes. Else, select No.

Once you have set your preferred options on this page and click on save and continue button.

9. The next page will show you your checkout summary and on this page you you will be able to set your invoice address, phone number and email address:

namecheap payment options

If you’re satisfied with your payment summary and invoice address, select your preferred payment option which can be:

  • Funds present in your Namecheap account.
  • Credit or Debit card.
  • PayPal.

10. Click on pay button in front of your preferred payment option and if the transaction is successful, you will see following summary page:

namecheap order summary

On this page you will be able to see following details:

  • Invoiced to (Your name and Address).
  • Phone Number.
  • Email Address.
  • Order date.
  • Order number.
  • Initial amount.
  • Transaction number.
  • Username.
  • Payment Method.
  • Payment reference number, which also contains your computer’s IP address using which you paid for the transfer.
  • Charged amount.
  • Name of domain that you want to transfer along with its status.
  • WHOIS guard details.

Either you can Print this page or save it as PDF onto your computer’s hard drive.

Note: These details will also be sent to your email address that you are currently using with your Namecheap account.

11. After few hours you will receive an email from Namecheap titled Standardized form of Authorization. In this email you will see following details:

standardized form of authorization

  • Name of domain whose transfer request Namecheap has received.
  • Name of person from whom eNom Inc. has received the transfer request.
  • Date of Request.
  • Transfer Approval Link.

Click on transfer approval link and you will he redirected to a page which looks something like following:

namecheap transfer approval

This page contains following:

  • Transfer information.
  • Approval information.

Under approval information, select Please renew/transfer your I am one of the contacts currently listed for this domain name and I have the authority to approve this request. By approving I agree to all. Your computer’s IP address will be recorded as part of your response.

namecheap transfer approval response

Click on submit button and you will see following message under Approval Information: Thank you, your response has been recorded.

12. Once you have approved the transfer, you can go to your account’s domain transfer page and you will see a list of all those domains, that are awaiting release from their current registrar:

namecheap domain transfer status

13. Within one or two days, you will receive a transfer confirmation email from your current registrar. This email consists of a deadline after which the transfer will proceed. If your current registrar do not hear from you by the deadline date, then the transfer will continue to Namecheap.

bigrock transfer confirmation email

14. After the deadline date, expect your domain name to be present in your Namecheap account.

If after the deadline, your domain name is not present in your Namecheap account, then you may want to do following things:

  • Check the status on domain transfer page.
  • Open a support ticket with your current registrar as well as Namecheap.

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Hi Mrinmay,

Who is better host for hosing a website n all… in BigRock or NameCheap?

By price point, I see both are almost same… anything about their services that distinguishes them?

Namecheap has three different type of hosting in Shared hosting… value, professional, ultimate and business expert…. which one are you using… I saw that their “value” package has some restriction about wordpress hosting in terms of allowing editing of .hta files that is needed to change for some functionality in WP.

Last question is… if I have registered my domain name for 3 years today, and i change my registrar after 60 days… would my validity will still be there ? or else I will get the only validity that is being offered by new registrar?

Thanks for your blog.

I have personally used Namecheap’s web hosting in the past and found them quite good and reliable. I have never used hosting plans from BigRock, so I can’t comment how’s their service?

BTW this website is hosted with MDDHosting, not Namecheap, and you may want to check them out. MDDHosting don’t have any type of restrictions like editing of .htaccess file in WordPress etc.

After 60 days when you transfer your domain to a new registrar, your validity should increase to 4 years :)

Hi.., Great article. This is exactly what I am looking for. I want to transfer a domain from bigrock to namecheap. Earlier I thought it can be done at any time. But after reading your post I came to know that minimum I have to wait for 60 days once I purchase the domain from bigrock.
Is there any other registrar from where I can transfer domains immediately after I purchase.

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