How to Block Peers from Connecting in uTorrent?

Need may arise when you would like to kick and ban certain IP addresses from connecting to your torrent client or network. Let’s check out in this post how to block peers from connecting in uTorrent for Windows?

Whenever you are uploading or downloading files using uTorrent, you can see a list of all Peers that are connecting to your computer. By default, the IP addresses of these peers resolves to their respective DNS names. In order to view IP addresses of these peers, right click anywhere on the Peers Tab and uncheck Resolve IPs:

utorrent resolve ip address

This will hide DNS name of all connecting peers and you will be able to see their original allotted IP address:

utorrent hide dns name

For blocking a single or a group of IP addresses, right click on them (by holding Control CTRL Button) and click on Copy Selected Hosts:

utorrent copy selected hosts

Open Notepad, paste all copied host IP addresses in it and save the file as ipfilter.dat at following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\uTorrent- For Windows XP, 2003 and 2000.

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent – For Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (including 8.1).

Now in uTorrent, go to Options >> Preferences >> Advanced and set the value of ipfilter.enable to true:

enable ip address filter in utorrent

Click on OK Button and right click anywhere on the Peers Tab and select Reload IP Filter:

reload ip filter in utorrent

This will immediately block all IP Addresses that are present in your ipfilter.dat file.

Important Notes:

  • The AppData and Application Data folders in Windows are hidden by default. In order to view them go to Folder Options >> Click on view tab >> select Show hidden files, folders, and drives under Hidden Files and Folders >> click on OK Button.
  • You can add and remove IP addresses in ipfilter.dat file by directly opening it in Notepad and clicking on Save (CTRL + S).
  • Use above trick to block leechers (who doesn’t upload a single byte of data) and rogue IP addresses! But be very careful, as unnecessarily blocking peers can hurt torrent’s overall health.
  • The copied host IP addresses also includes port number with them. When pasting them in notepad, they will look something like

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there is no ipfilter.dat in the folder. should i create a new document from notepad and save as ipfilter.dat?

Thank you. I’ve been doing this for years, but several sites still don’t get blocked. uTorrent’s Logger shows these as “ipfilter invalid line:” followed by the address I am trying to block when I start or reload. They are properly formatted (, with zeros before any 1 or 2 digit part of the address). Others that I’ve added work, just a couple seem impervious to blocking. Any ideas??

I never encountered the problem that you are experiencing, but your problem has something to do with either one of the following:

* You are using beta version of the torrent client. Try switching to a stable release.
* You are dealing with IPv6 addresses.
* “Invalid line” means there’s something wrong with the formatting of your ipfilter.dat file.

I will highly suggest you to ask your query here: :)

Thank you. I searched through the posts at the link you provided — several were like my query, but no replies to those. I’ve been using a stable version of uTorrent (2.2.1) all these years, never found a good reason to upgrade. IPv6 addresses hadn’t been a problem before. And the dat file format? I re-opened the file in Wordpad and changed the page layout to minimize the side borders (type wrapping issue?), made sure I re-saved it as a .dat format file, and then re-loaded the latest IP block list from David Moore… all “invalid lines” disappeared at startup, and life is good. Musta been a formatting error.

Additional note… if folks add their particular IP addresses to block, type them at the top of the list and be sure to copy them before updating — as a new download file will overwrite them. Just paste them back to the top again. I add a dashed line below my added entries
to differentiate what to copy and paste.

Again, thank you for your very informative site.

Welcome and Thanks for the additional information that you have provided :)

I found the feature to block certain peers in my torrent client and googled the feature (how I ended up here)
I’m curious, why would you need to block certain peers? What am I missing here?
I’m kind of new to torrents, coming from usenet (backwards I know)

Block feature is used to block IP addresses that show abnormal behaviour against your torrent client. Some examples of bad behaviour are as follows:

* Trying to establish too many connections per second.
* Tracking your usage – Generally done by law agencies and private companies.
* Leeching only:

If you search the internet, you will find many useful block lists that you want to use in your client. Hope this helps :)

I was really reluctant to post this, but there is one other additional reason to block some IP’s. There are some who choose to block all sites for a specific country or religion (read – Irsrael and Jews). I find this petty, small minded, and abhorant. But some do. Jesus wept.

Note to Richard — I block IP’s for all popular and well seeded movies and music. I turn it off for esoteric and rare downloads where the only participant may otherwise be blocked. Johnny Law isn’t interested in those guys. (wink)

Thank you for this :)
I hate to see some people who put down their upload speed and maximized their download speed. I saw one that I’m downloading 0.1 kbps from him, but I’m uploading around 30kbps. He’s one helluva of a leech and I want to block him for that. If he won’t be willing to share his speed, then I’m blocking him so others more deserving can get my upload speed.

Hello again, Mrinmay – When I add a block for an IP Address thats downloading a Password Protected file (scam), I’ll also note their port number. Sometimes, they’ll reappear with a string of numbers and letters instead of their previous IP Address, like this…


Is it possible to block these pesky trollers as well?

Thanks for your helpful postings,

Hi, That looks like Teredo address. Basically it is IPv6 in IPv4 UDP packets! I never encountered these type of addresses in my client, so don’t know how to test and block them. I will suggest you to ask your query here: :)

Is it possible to block these uTorrents “Up Speed” simply. just install IP Blocker Firewall 3.1 and run it. Then copy the Peer IP Address like that and go to IP Blocker Firewall 3.1 and open it then click on “configure IP list” option then click add(A) option and after that you put by key board that IP address which you have copied in the single IP address. then click ok button. close all window except application which is running. then you see that IP address which you have put. just Right click on that IP address and select “Add the Remote IP address (es) to the IP block list (A)”. done. now you see left side Action taken icon is turn on Red Colour. which mean you have done perfectly. By the by I have put an IP address which is used “btcache” and it is most irretating to you probaly. so you can used that IP to block anytime. thanks to every uTorrent users. Feed me More…… This Details is ok.

Thank you very much for all you effort and sharing your knowledge.
I was experiencing hackers on utorrent while seeding a file , had to
block them off before they drain all my bandwidth . The hackers
were preventing others from accessing my file

Someone from Turkey was leeching from me about 100+ torrents at a time, each at 1 or 1.5KB/sec. This was getting my hard disk on its knees, as I am sharing 5000+ 24/7 on a very fast connection so there were also other (smarter!) peers leeching.

I googled the problem and I came here. I followed your steps and BOOM! Everything went back to normal :)

I hate the non-uploaders. Especially the ones that are nearly complete. I started a download today and got about 5% in. Along comes someone with 91%. I could only get 1.4K down from them, but was uploading 1.2M!

Bull. Welcome to the blocklist.

Just like “Cave-In” asked in Mar24, 2015 @22:37, I also encountered a string of numbers and letters instead of their previous IP Address, like this…


Please, tell how to block this kind of peer?
Thanking you in advance and hope this time, a positive response would be given.

I have a problem with tone-cache (IP- inet-cache 0.12.9), it’s uploading so much that it’s harming my download speed, Is there any way to block it. Help will be grateful Dada,
Thank you

I seriously don’t have any idea what is “tone-cache (IP- inet-cache 0.12.9)”? When I try to lookup, I get following results:

Reserved IP Addresses for private internet use
You have entered reserved IP Address for private internet use
and IP lookup for these will return not results.
Remember that IP address ranges –, –, –
and – are reserved IP Addresses for private internet use and IP lookup for these will not return any results.

See yourself:

I will suggest you to ask your query on uTorrent’s official forum.

I’m using uTorrent 3.4.7 and my advanced preferences don’t offer the “ipfilter.enable -true” setting. Where else can i find that option? I’ve looked through all the tabs, and it’s just not there.

I will check and get back to you. I have been using VUZE for quite some time now. There’s a KICK and BAN option in it. Perhaps you may want to try VUZE.

Glad to know that. Did you follow the same procedure that’s mentioned in this post or something else?

DOES NOT WORK, followed instructions precisely, the same leeching peer is still sucking 50% of my bandwidth

Doh, I must apologize, when I renamed the txt document to ipfilter.dat file it appended .txt to the end , so it became ipfilter.dat.txt – so embarrassed LOL
I can confirm, it works 100% Apologies for my stupid comment and thanks for the article!

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