Remove Google Penalty by forcing 404 or 410 HTTP Headers

If Google has penalized your domain name because of your link building spree, then you can very easily get rid of Penalty by forcing 404 or 410 HTTP headers.

What are 404 and 410 HTTP Status Codes?

  • 404 (commonly known as Not Found Error Page): It means that the requested page can’t be found at this time, but may become available in near future. A 404 page also allows subsequent requests by clients (users and search engine bots).
  • 410: It means that the requested page has been deleted permanently and will not be available again in near future. A 410 Page doesn’t allow subsequent request by clients and search engines are forced to purge the page completely.

Note: Before proceeding further, keep in mind that this trick will only work if your domain has been penalized because of incoming bad links that points to a sub-directory / sub-page (E.g. etc.) or a sub-domain (E.g. and its sub-page). If you have been penalized because of links that points to your Homepage, then you simply can’t force above errors on it!


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