Download ALL Images, Audio & Video files present in a Webpage

You may have came across a website which contains lots of pictures, audio or video files embedded in a single webpage. Need may arise when you want to download all these files at once, instead of clicking on every single file and saving it onto your computer’s hard drive. This can be easily done using DownThemAll! add-on(…)

Useful SEO Mods for Simple Machines Forum

SMF is one of the best Open Source community software available on the internet and by using suitable mods, you can squeeze more functionalities out of your forum. Let’s check out in this post, some SEO Mods that may help you in improving your forum rankings in search results:

Create HTML & XML Sitemap for Simple Machines Forum

If you are using SMF as your forum management software, then you can very easily create a HTML and XML Sitemap for it. A HTML sitemap may help your visitors better navigate your site, while an XML Sitemap can be submitted to Search Engines for better crawling and indexing of your forum.

Remove PHPSESSID URLs from Search Engines in SMF

If you are using Simple Machines Forum, then you must have seen URLs which have PHP Session ID (/?PHPSESSID= or /?P=) parameter in them. In this post we will see How to prevent such URLs from getting crawled by various search engine bots like Google, Bing etc.?