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How to Type in Hindi on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad?

If you currently own an iOS powered mobile device viz. iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and want to write Hindi on it, then let’s check out in this post a free application which allows you to transliterate Hindi?

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Increase AirTel Broadband Speed & Data Transfer Limit

If you are an existing AirTel broadband subscriber and want to increase your connection speed up to 2 Mbps OR want to increase the data transfer limit, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

Update(1/4/2014): SOD is not working for anyone any more and it seems like the service has been permanently discontinued by AirTel. Also, the company has updated their Smartbytes system and you can read more about it in this post.

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Short guide to Google AdSense Payments & Earnings in India

AdSense is one of the largest online advertising agency in the world, which allows you to monetise your website by displaying contextual advertisements.

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Cancel Train Reservation Ticket after Chart Preparation

Do you know that it is possible to cancel your train ticket even after the chart has been prepared? If your answer is NO, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

Important Notes:

  • Keep in mind following details can be changed/updated/revised at any time by Indian Railways. You should always check the official rules on the IRCTC website or try searching using this link. Don’t take everything written here for granted, gather your own information.
  • As per Indian Railways Official Website EFT stands for Excess Ticket Fare. These are the paper tickets issued to passengers found travelling without tickets or with improper tickets by the checking staff in trains or at stations. In emergent circumstances when printed card tickets and blank paper tickets are out of stock passengers should be issued excess fare tickets on collection of fares due at the starting station entitling them to travel on the authority of this ticket. These tickets are in three foils and prepared with the aid of double sided carbon paper. The first foil is for ‘Accounts’, the second for ‘Passenger’ and the third is for ‘Record’.