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AirTel India 2G and 3G Network Review & Speed Test

Update: If you’d like to file complaint against AirTel then check out THIS VIDEO.

AirTel is one of the largest telecom service provider in India and the company is claiming that its 3G network has grown by 42%. Let’s check out in this post a short review about AirTel’s 2G as well as 3G network and their respective speed test results.

Android Mobile

Automatically Record All Incoming & Outgoing Calls in Android

UPDATE: If you’d like to recover your deleted call recordings then you should check out THIS VIDEO – However keep in mind that there’s NO GUARANTEE that you will be able to restore your deleted recordings, as Android OS keeps on overwriting new data on the free space of recently deleted data.

If you are using an Android powered smartphone or tablet device and want to record all incoming as well as outgoing calls on it, then let’s check out in this post how to do so using a free application?

Automatic Call Recorder for Android allows you to record any phone call, listen to the recorded conversation and share the audio file instantly. Download and install the application from Play Store on your mobile device and run the application.

Android Mobile

Find IMEI Number and MAC Address of Android Mobile or Tablet

If you’d like to know the IMEI Number and MAC Address of your Android powered smartphone or tablet device, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and knowing/jotting down the IMEI number of your mobile device is quite useful, as because if your device gets lost or stolen in future, then only this number can help you track it.


IGNORE Missed Calls from Unknown International Phone Numbers

If you suddenly start receiving constant or occasional missed calls from unknown ISD Numbers (which starts with +92, +375+371 etc.), then it’s highly recommended that you should ignore them. There’s NO need to call back as they all are spoof calls originating from some other country and their primary purpose is to make money by charging premium call rates.