Security Software

Protect Computer from Malware by Browser Sandboxing

A Web Browser is perhaps the most essential component of your whole web surfing experience, but Scumware (a generalized term that encompasses spyware, adware, annoyware, malware and unwanted cookies) can affect and alter its whole functionality! Once scumware enters your PC, it makes your system behave strangely and thus puts your data and security at risk.


Useful Tips for Creating a Strong Password

Password plays a very important role in protecting your personal data and privacy both online and offline. A strong password can make your data inaccessible for any other person except you! Hence, it’s extremely necessary to keep your password as strong as possible, so that unauthorized access attempts can be prevented.

Security Windows

Steganography: Hide Important Data behind an Image

Nowadays, data security is much of a concern and has turned out to be an absolute necessity. There are many different techniques of securing sensitive data like Encryption, Password Protection etc. and one such method is Steganography.

Google Security

Check if someone else is using your Gmail or Google Account

If you are suspicious that your Google / Gmail Account Password got leaked and someone else is using it, then here are the top 4 things that you should do right now: