Force Google to Crawl & Index pages of your Website

The crawling frequency of Google varies from site to site. However if you’d like to force Google to Crawl (or re-crawl) and index (or re-index) a particular page or pages of your website or blog almost instantly, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

Prevent Search Engines from Caching your Website

Have you noticed the Cached/Cached Page link in search result pages of Google (example) and Bing (example) when you look for your site’s indexed pages in these search engines? Search engines generally takes a snapshot of almost all accessible pages of your website and stores them in their cache as a backup copy.

301 Redirect ALL 404 Error Pages in WordPress

When a visitor follows a broken or dead link, then he will see a 404 not found error page generated by your CMS or the server. This type of error page is generated when a search engine bot or a user is able to communicate with the server successfully, but the server is unable to(…)

Hide & Shorten Affiliate Links using .htaccess or PHP code

Affiliate marketing is a major source of income for many high traffic blogs and websites and this is how the system generally works: Your site visitor clicks on an affiliate link or banner >> Go to the website (original or third party) of offered product or service >> Buys the product or service >> You (the(…)

How to deal with Plagiarism by a Blogger Blog?

Last month I came across 5 different Blogger blogs, that were copying articles from DTT and publishing (pasting) them without any permission or credit. They were also hotlinking images directly from this blog, which costed me CDN and server bandwidth. These type of people are known as content scrapers and they plagiarize content (articles, passages,(…)

Remove Google Penalty by forcing 404 or 410 HTTP Headers

If Google has penalized your domain name because of your link building spree, then you can very easily get rid of Penalty by forcing 404 or 410 HTTP headers. What are 404 and 410 HTTP Status Codes? 404 (commonly known as Not Found Error Page): It means that the requested page can’t be found at(…)