How to Capture Still Images from a Video File?

If you want to capture screenshots (freeze frames or still images) from a video file, then lets check out in this post how to do so? Capture a Single Frame If you only want to grab a single frame from a playing or paused video, then this task can be accomplished very easily using GOM Player. Download and install the(…)

Download FREE Network & Bandwidth Monitor for Windows OS

If you are an owner of an Internet cafe a.k.a. cybercafe (running a small Local Area Network) OR you are a normal computer user at your home/office, then need may arise when you’d like to collect your internet connection’s bandwidth usage details and measure the overall speed of your network.

Check Who Else is using your Wi-Fi & How to Secure it?

Suppose you pay good amount of money every month for a 100 Mbps connection, but you are not getting download and upload speeds as promised by your Internet service provider (ISP)! The reason behind your problem could be many, but what about people in your neighbourhood stealing your bandwidth because either you have a weak (easily guessable)(…)