How to Easily Archive Emails using MailStore?

Emails have become an integral part of everyone’s life and if you are currently storing all your important mails at one place, then you should seriously consider backing up all of them. You may loose your email account OR your provider may go offline for hours, but if you have a recent backup, then you(…)

How to Enable Private Browsing in Firefox, Chrome & Opera?

Private browsing is a very useful feature which allows you to keep your internet session safe, secure and hidden, as it don’t store any browsing data while you surf. It also prevents browser from storing information about web pages you visit, search and download history, saved form information, passwords and other data like cookies and temporary internet(…)

How to Remove Password from a PDF File?

If you’d like to instantly remove password from a PDF file, then let’s check out in this post how to do so using a freeware? Important note: This post is not about cracking passwords. This post is meant for those who have personally created a password protected PDF file in the past and now want(…)