How to Run & Play Classic MS-DOS/Nintendo Games on Computer?

Do you remember those classic Nintendo 8-bit (NES) games like Super Mario Bros, Tetris, Aladdin, Donkey Kong, 1942, Adventure Island, Contra etc., that we used to play in our good old days? If you want to play those games again, then let’s check out in this post how to emulate them in Windows, Linux and Mac(…)

Forget Downloading! Now Extract videos from Browser Cache!

If you are still looking for a software or a website which can download videos hosted on YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Flickr, Facebook etc., then you should know that you can easily extract a fully watched video from your favorite browser’s cache.

Easily Access Blocked Websites

NEXT PAGE >> If you’d like to access blocked websites at your home, office or college, then let’s check out in this post how to do so? Use a Virtual Private Network This type of network helps you remain anonymous on the web by keeping your internet session secure and hidden. If certain websites are(…)

How to Download streaming MMS Video & Radio Show?

If you want to download streaming MMS (Microsoft Media Server) videos and audio (radio shows etc.), whose URL starts with mms://, mmst:// or http:// and ends with .asf, .wmv, .asx or .wma, then let’s check out in this post how to do so?

How to create a Video file using JPEG Images & a MP3?

Suppose you want to share lots of photos with someone special, then how about converting them into a video file which have an awesome MP3 track playing in the background? This can be easily done with uMusic, a very small utility that is capable of joining JPEG image(s) and a MP3 file, and then converting them(…)

Useful List of Best Free VPN Server & Clients

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which helps you remain anonymous on the web by keeping your internet session secure and hidden. The network not only provides you with online privacy, but also helps you connect to the internet when blocked by a firewall or some other similar software.

Protect Computer from Malware by Browser Sandboxing

A Web Browser is perhaps the most essential component of your whole web surfing experience, but Scumware (a generalized term that encompasses spyware, adware, annoyware, malware and unwanted cookies) can affect and alter its whole functionality! Once scumware enters your PC, it makes your system behave strangely and thus puts your data and security at risk.

BOINC: Use Idle Time of your Computer for Research Purpose

Do you know that you can use the idle time of your computer for various ongoing Research Purposes? These Researches includes Curing of diseases, Study of Global Warming, Discovery of Pulsars etc. If you are using a computer with Windows, MAC or Linux Operating System installed, then BOINC allows you to contribute your computer’s hardware resources for various research and computational purposes!