Some Advanced Tips to Speed Up WIndows 7

If you have followed our BASIC guide to speed up Windows 7 OS, then in this post we are ready to see some advanced tips that allows you to further speed up your machine. Keep in mind that in order to perform below mentioned tweaks you are required to login to your computer as an administrator,(…)

Basic Tips to Make Windows 7 Run Even More Faster!

Windows 7 OS was launched in the year 2009 and at that time Microsoft was dedicated to make it more faster, smoother and “simply better” than what its predecessor (Vista, XP, 98 etc.) were. The company has already released the successor of Windows 7 known as Windows 8 (or 8.1), but many people around the world are still using Windows 7(…)

How to Lock your Computer using a Desktop Shortcut?

Following are the commonly used methods used to lock a Windows OS based computer: Press Start button >> Shut down menu >> Click Lock. Press CTRL + ALT + Delete Keys altogether and then select Lock this Computer. Press Windows + L Keys together.