Automatically & Securely Backup Personal Data in Android

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet device, then you may definitely want to backup your contacts, call logs, text messages (SMS), photos, videos, music, documents, calendar, system settings and browser data from time to time. Backing up each of them may require separate applications and tedious manual selection. Then how about backing up all of(…)

Capture Full web page Screenshots on Android

If you have an Android mobile or tablet device, then need may arise when you’d like to capture screenshot of a full web page, instead of only the visible area. This task can be easily accomplished by using Dolphin web browser and an add-on. Let’s check out in this post how to do so?

Important Security Tips for Online Banking

Nowadays almost every bank provide you with a Net banking username and password (or PIN) as soon as you open an account (savings, current or recurring) with them. e-banking can be considered very useful when you want to pay your bills online or want to do shopping on e-commerce websites like eBay, Amazon etc.