All in One Security Plugin for your WordPress Blog

iThemes Security (formerly known as Better WP Security) plugin allows you to secure your WordPress installation in more than 30 ways. Install the plugin for your blog and once the installation is successful, you will see following Secure your site now button at the top of your dashboard:

Enhance the Security & Performance of WordPress Blog using Wordfence

Wordfence is a powerful WordPress plugin which protects your website from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, malicious web crawlers and other types of attack techniques commonly used by hackers, script kiddies etc. The plugin can also scan your entire installation in real time for various types of existing as well as new vulnerabilities like(…)

Useful CloudFlare Third Party Add-on Applications for your Website

If you are using CloudFlare for your website or weblog, then you may find following free/paid third-party add-on applications very useful: Important note: If you are going to enable multiple CloudFlare security application for your domain, then keep in mind that they may interfere with one another or may conflict with the functionality of an existing(…)

How to Rename the Default Login URL of WordPress?

In cryptography, Brute force is a sophisticated attack technique, which is used to guess the passphrase of various types of online as well as offline accounts. This technique is generally utilized to guess the passwords which are shorter in length. When it comes to guessing lengthy passwords, a hacker may use a more sophisticated attack(…)

Limit Access Attempts from a Particular IP Address in WordPress

Login LockDown allows you to limit total number of access attempts to your blog’s dashboard from a particular IP address or an IP range. The plugin is capable of recording all the IP addresses, which are constantly trying to get into your dashboard, but all their login attempts are continuously failing. It can also record(…)

Protect WordPress Installation from Malicious URL Requests using BBQ

This plugin is actually a script which protects your installation from Base64 encrypted and excessively long request strings by monitoring all incoming traffic to your website. It is based on 5G ( and 6G ( blacklists, which are carefully constructed directives for your site’s root .htaccess file and works silently in the background. You won’t(…)