Download FREE Network & Bandwidth Monitor for Windows OS

If you are an owner of an Internet cafe a.k.a. cybercafe (running a small Local Area Network) OR you are a normal computer user at your home/office, then need may arise when you’d like to collect your internet connection’s bandwidth usage details and measure the overall speed of your network.

Check Who Else is using your Wi-Fi & How to Secure it?

Suppose you pay good amount of money every month for a 100 Mbps connection, but you are not getting download and upload speeds as promised by your Internet service provider (ISP)! The reason behind your problem could be many, but what about people in your neighbourhood stealing your bandwidth because either you have a weak (easily guessable)(…)

Download ALL Images, Audio & Video files present in a Webpage

You may have came across a website which contains lots of pictures, audio or video files embedded in a single webpage. Need may arise when you want to download all these files at once, instead of clicking on every single file and saving it onto your computer’s hard drive. This can be easily done using DownThemAll! add-on(…)

Automatically Record All Incoming & Outgoing Calls in Android

UPDATE: If you’d like to recover your deleted call recordings then you should check out THIS VIDEO – However keep in mind that there’s NO GUARANTEE that you will be able to restore your deleted recordings, as Android OS keeps on overwriting new data on the free space of recently deleted data. If you are(…)

How to Backup & Restore WordPress Blog using cPanel?

If you are using cPanel as your hosting control panel and are running a self hosted installation of WordPress, then let’s check out in this post the easiest way to manually backup and restore your blog and all its content using cPanel’s inbuilt full backup feature?

How to Get More FREE Storage Space in your Dropbox Account?

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage and file sharing service, which offers free as well as paid storage plans. When you first create an account with the service, you get 2 GB of FREE cloud storage space. This initial 2 GB of storage space may not be sufficient for many users, so let’s check out in this(…)